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Sax malayalam

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Sax malayalam
UTC (rev 448) @ -0,0 1,6 this translation was submitted.

Hudson Gonalves Manieri Figueredo pQui Linux mantainer http www.

Pquilinux.org, added: - (rev 0) 14:54:24 UTC (rev 448) @ -0,0 1,7 @ # for tuxtype - # Process with Automake to create.

Subdirs images words themes_brazilian_portuguesedir author lang.

Po t, added: - (rev 0) 14:54:24 UTC (rev 448) @ -0,0 1,507 @ # generated by automake.10.1 from.

# @[email protected] # Copyright (C) 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, # 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

# This is free software; the Free Software Foundation # gives unlimited permission to copy and/or distribute it, # with or without modifications, as long as this notice is preserved.

# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, # but without ANY warranty, to the extent permitted by law; without # even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness FOR A # particular purpose.

At SET_make @ vpath @[email protected] pkgdatadir (datadir [email protected] pkglibdir (libdir [email protected] pkgincludedir (includedir [email protected] am_cd cd install_sh_data (install_sh) -c -m 644 install_sh_program (install_sh) -c install_sh_script (install_sh) -c install_header (install_data) transform (program_transform_name) normal_install : PRE_install : post_install : normal_uninstall : PRE_uninstall : post_uninstall.

M4 am_aclocal_m4_deps (top_srcdir acinclude.

M4 (top_srcdir am_configure_deps (am_aclocal_m4_deps) (configure_dependencies) (aclocal_M4) mkinstalldirs (shell) (top_srcdir mkinstalldirs config_header (top_builddir config.

H config_clean_files sources dist_sources recursive_targets all-recursive check-recursive dvi-recursive html-recursive info-recursive install-data-recursive install-dvi-recursive install-exec-recursive install-html-recursive install-info-recursive install-pdf-recursive install-ps-recursive install-recursive installcheck-recursive installdirs-recursive pdf-recursive ps-recursive uninstall-recursive am_vpath_adj_setup srcdirstripecho srcdir sed 's.g am_vpath_adj case p in (srcdir fecho "p" sed "ssrcdirstrip fp; esac; am_strip_dir echo p sed -e 's.

am_installdirs (install_data) data recursive_clean_targets mostlyclean-recursive clean-recursive distclean-recursive maintainer-clean-recursive etags etags ctags ctags dist_subdirs (subdirs) distfiles (dist_common) (dist_sources) (texinfos) (extra_dist) aclocal @[email protected] amtar @[email protected] autoconf @[email protected] autoheader @[email protected] automake @[email protected] AWK @[email protected] CC @[email protected] ccdepmode @[email protected] cflags @[email protected] CPP @[email protected] cppflags @[email protected]

Po t all: all-recursive.suffixes: (srcdir (srcdir (am_configure_deps) @for dep in?; do case am_configure_deps in *dep cd (top_builddir) (make) (AM_makeflags) am-refresh exit 0; exit 1; esac; done; echo ' cd (top_srcdir) (automake) -foreign cd (top_srcdir) (automake) -foreign.precious: Makefile Makefile: (srcdir (top_builddir.

# To change the values of make' variables: instead of editing Makefiles, # (1) if the variable is set in atus edit atus' # (which will cause the Makefiles to be regenerated when you run make # (2) otherwise.

(recursive_targets @failcom'exit 1 for f in x makeflags; do case f in *!k *k failcom'failyes esac; done; dot_seenno; targetecho @ sed s/-recursive list subdirs for subdir in list; do echo "Making target in subdir if test "subdir" ".

then dot_seenyes; local_target"target-am else local_target"target fi; (cd subdir (make) (AM_makeflags) local_target) eval failcom; done; if test "dot_seen" "no then (make) (AM_makeflags) "target-am" exit 1; fi; test -z "fail" (recursive_clean_targets @failcom'exit 1 for f in x makeflags; do case f in *!k *k.

then else rev"subdir rev fi; done; rev"rev.

targetecho @ sed s/-recursive for subdir in rev; do echo "Making target in subdir if test "subdir" ".

then local_target"target-am else local_target"target fi; (cd subdir (make) (AM_makeflags) local_target) eval failcom; done test -z "fail" tags-recursive: list subdirs for subdir in list; do test "subdir".
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