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Chinese movie sex
follow it using Hollywood formulas for character and story development.

It is not a masterpiece in it's own genre but it's quite good.

Actually this is the first Chinese movie that I have ever liked.

Unlike other Chinese movies there are no full of empty heros and this is the first time that I see real feelings and characters in a Chinese movie.

It is not a movie about politics, relationships and.

It is a touch of a everything in that generation.

There is a little bit of politics, love and etc.

A Hollywood movie connects them for you but in this particular genre you should connect them yourself based on what you have experienced in your life.

I'm afraid that most of the westerners who come from free and prosperous countries don't have a personal experience of this movie.

The music is composed by the Iranaian composer Peyman Yazdanian, who by the way is my friend's friend.

I knew that the music was familiar!

Iron MAN 3 Ends Chinese Drought for Hollywood.

Ben Kayser, Associate Editor, and Tom Snyder, Editor.

Iron MAN 3 apparently has ended a brief drought in box office sales for Hollywood in China.

High budgeted Hollywood blockbusters rely heavily on box office sales in overseas countries like China.

In 2012, THE avengers and mission impossible: ghost protocol alone brought in nearly 200 million and they held the box office lead for 23 weeks straight.

This year, however, Chinese box office sales for American movies have fallen 62 percent, while domestic movies made in China have increased 128 percent.

Movies like OZ THE great AND powerful, THE hobbit, and jack THE giant slayer have been slaughtered by low budget local Chinese movies.

So far, that isnt true of iron MAN 3, which Wednesday broke Marvels record opening day take of 18 million for THE avengers in 2012 with.5 million.

Part of the problem with China is due to the restrictions that the Chinese government puts on American and other foreign movies, including Chinese government officials imposing a two month blackout of American movies and promising to pay theater.

More than that, however, the Chinese people may be growing tired of the stories Hollywood produces.

Michael Andreen, a consultant to the Chinese media, said, The change is that Chinese audiences want more from Hollywood movies  not just spectacle, but stories that engage them.

To end the drought, Marvel and Disney bent over backwards to win over the Chinese audience for iron MAN.

First, they built up the hype for their new superhero action flick with costly marketing campaigns and a highly publicized event that was attended by the stars of iron MAN.
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